Spiral Bevel Gear

The teeth of the spiral bevel gear are formed along a helix. They are somewhat similar to cylindrical helical gears because their teeth are angled. However, with helical gears, the teeth are also curved.

What is a spiral bevel gear used for?

Spiral bevel gears are mainly used in automotive differentials. This type of gear allows power to be transmitted to two shafts that rotate at different speeds. It is also a popular component in hand drills, providing the primary drive action. In addition, spiral bevel gears are used in rotorcraft drive systems that require high speed and smooth motion.

What is the helix angle of a bevel gear?


There are three basic types of bevel gears: spur gears, helical gears, and helical gears. Straight slopes are the easiest to manufacture and use. The spiral and helical bevel have different pitch surfaces from the cylinder to the cone. When choosing between the three types, make sure you understand each type’s different characteristics and differences.


Spiral bevel gears have teeth arranged in a spiral. The teeth are spaced further apart, which results in a less abrupt power transfer. Spur gears are more prone to noise and stress on their teeth, especially at high speeds. For this reason, they are usually limited to lower speeds – typically below 1000 feet per minute (ft/min) or below 1000 rpm.


Spiral bevel gears are typically used in high-speed, high-torque applications. They reduce the risk of overheating and provide greater flexibility. Spiral bevel gears are manufactured in pairs. This helps you keep costs down while maintaining high-quality gearing. It also improves flexibility and extends device life.

Can spiral bevel gears rotate in both directions?

The spiral bevel gear rotates in the same direction as the pinion. This means that the axial force of one gear is the same as the radial force of the other. But the spiral bevel gear pair generates different thrust when it rotates in different directions. Therefore, the location and size of the thrust bearing is critical to the operation of the spiral bevel gear.

Spiral bevel gears have high precision. They are also quiet and space efficient. Additionally, they have low backlash and transmission errors. This means they are ideal for motor vehicles and other machinery. They are also highly shock and noise resistant. And they are low maintenance.

Spiral bevel gears rotate in both directions through a simple process called work hardening. The deformation process in this gear results in a stiffer gear with contoured particle flow. This is possible due to the offset of the gears. However, it is essential to note that too much offset can reduce the efficiency of the gears.

spiral bevel gear
spiral bevel gear

How to Calculate Spiral Bevel Gears

To calculate a spiral bevel gear, you need to know its basic dimensions and tooth profile. These parameters can be calculated with the gear system calculator. The calculator takes as input the diameter of the two gears and the number of teeth on each gear. You can also use an online gear calculator to determine the tooth profile of a bevel gear. In addition to the basic dimensions, the backlash of the gears must also be considered to prevent seizing. Backlash also protects mating gear surfaces and allows thermal expansion during operation.

The pitch angle of a gear is the angle between the pitch surface of the gear and the axis of the shaft. This angle is also known as the pitch pressure angle. This angle is required for gear meshing. The recommended pressure angle for spur bevel gears is 20 degrees. In addition to the pitch angle, you must also know the angle of the drive and driven shafts.

Spiral bevel gears are one of the most complex types of bevel gears. The angled and curved tooth surfaces promote gradual engagement and disengagement. This feature increases the efficiency of the gears by sharing the load more evenly. The design of helical gears also allows them to be smaller than spur gears while maintaining the same load capacity.

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How are spiral bevel gears made?

A spiral bevel gear is a bevel gear with helical teeth. These gears are used in the vehicle’s differential to transmit power to the wheels. They produce less noise than other types of gear and are usually replaced in pairs. These gears are precision manufactured for high-quality results.

Spiral bevel gears are made of steel, a durable and flexible material. The helical design distributes the load over a larger area. This reduces the contact stress between the gear teeth and reduces the bending moment at the root of the gear. As a result, spiral bevel gears have a longer design life and can operate at higher speeds.

Spiral bevel gears are usually manufactured in pairs. They are used to transmit radial and thrust loads. They are then assembled in the optimal location to transmit electricity.