Spiral Bevel Gear

Sprial Bevel Gear Left / Right Spiral 45# Steel 20/25/30 Teeth 1.5/2/2.5/3/4 Mod

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Spiral Bevel Gear Left / Right Spiral 45# Steel 20/25/30 Teeth 1.5/2/2.5/3/4 Mod

⟨Product Information⟩
● Product Name: 1.5/2/2.5/3/4 Mod Spiral Bevel Gear
● Tooth Pitch: 1.5 Mod: 4.71mm; 2 Mod: 6.28mm; 2.5 Mod: 7.85mm; 3 Mod: 9.42mm. 4 Mod:12.56mm
● Number of Teeth: 20/25/30 Teeth
● Material: 45# Carbon Steel
● Standard/Non-standard: Standard
● Tooth Surface Hardness: Hard Tooth Surface
● Surface Treatment: Black Oxidation Treatment
● Gear Shape: Spiral Bevel Gear
● Spiral Bevel Gear Type: Left Sprial, Right Spiral
● Drive Ratio: 1:1 Drive Pairing (90° Pairing)
● Note: the Bore Is a Process Hole ( a Holes Added to the Workpiece to Meet the Processing Requirements ). the Size Data Does Not Need to Be Precise and May Vary Depending on the Value Between Production Batches. Generally, It Cannot Be Used Directly As a Shaft Diameter Hole, and the Consumer Needs to Machine the Hole by Himself.

A sample box of various types of gears

Reduce vibration and sound

Spiral bevel gears are beveled gears with straight teeth. This transmission type is the most critical application in applications similar to differentials in automobiles, where the drive angle is offset by 90 degrees. The spiral design produces less vibration and noise than conventional spur or spur gears.

The advantage of spiral bevel gears is that the teeth can be ground after heat treatment producing high-precision gears. In addition, due to the higher tooth contact ratio than spur bevel gears, noise and vibration are reduced, making it more suitable for high-speed applications. For example, noise and vibration are significantly reduced at high operating speeds (over 10m/s). They are also more robust and more durable than straight bevel gears, allowing for higher load operation. On the other hand, it is more difficult to manufacture
Spiral bevel gears need to pay attention to changing the thrust direction according to the rotation and torsion angle. These are some disadvantages.